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Day to Day

We determine what accounting and reporting systems are needed by the business to provide useful management information for decision makers.

We set up best accounting practices and consistent accounting policies.

Profitability and Performance 

Work with management and business owners to analyse reports, set KPI’s for future measurement of business performance and targets for key personnel and business segments.


Provide reliable and consistent financial forecasts as a measure of future performance and a basis for variance analysis in key parts of the business.

Resource Management

Ensure effective cash flow management so that financial resources are used to their maximum within the business and minimize the need for further debt or investment.



Managing Change

  • Company growth or acquisition

  • Incorporating another business unit into the financial management and reporting systems

  • Growing the financial team to deal with the increased workload following a period of growth or an acquisition

  • Advising on the composition and adequacy of team members in that situation

  • Moving financial accounting systems forward to accommodate expansion or consolidation with another business


Whether it’s a cashflow issue or something more serious such as over-trading it’s important to be aware of the sources of additional finance. Businesses don’t fail because they lose money – they fail because they lack the financial resources to trade through the difficult times and return to future profitability. Some of the options are:

1. Asset finance

2. Capital - is it time to bring in outside investors in return for equity?

3. Debt – convertible debt or other forms of credit are available

4. Bank finance – still available in certain circumstances 




General financial and insolvency advice with the support available of experienced practitioners.


"We can explain the mechanisms available for the financial restructuring of a business in distress or simply help owners and management to determine whether there really is a genuine distressed situation or simply a need for further capital or better cash flow management." Brian Evans-Jones


Exit and Succession Planning


We have experience of selling companies and can guide you through this tough process.


“Most business owners of SME’s are well aware that their options for exit are limited. If there are no family members to carry it on and if the management team have no interest in an MBO then the option will be pretty much limited to a trade sale unless there is the possibility of an IPO.” Brian Evans Jones. 


A better option perhaps is to bring in new management and work with them for a short period to fund the exit. See the business grow with a new and energetic team bringing fresh ideas and the funding needed to make those dreams become reality - and deliver full value at an agreed price to the exiting owner for all their hard work.

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