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NXFD will help you move
your business forward 

without the need or the cost
of a full time Finance Director.

Brian Evans Jones
Founder and CEO, NXFD


Brian Evans Jones is the Founder and CEO of NXFD.

Brian is an entrepreneurial Chartered Accountant with many board-level years as CEO, FD and CFO under his belt.


He has worked across a range of sectors, including retail, renewables, manufacturing and tech and has a proven track record of building, developing and investing  in international and UK companies.


He operates with a trusted team of associates, as and when needed, all with a similar, impressive, senior level track record.


Brian is a safe and easy going pair of hands,
a reliable sounding board and partner.


The NXFD team provides clarity to business and takes pride in providing a clear and focussed approach to how they can help you.

First things first. 

NXFD is not an accountancy firm. We don’t offer audit, taxation and bookkeeping services – although we can find those services on a cost-effective basis if we need them to help us deliver our core service.


We provide financial and strategic guidance to SMEs.


NXFD will help you move your business forward - without the need for or the cost of a full-time Finance Director.


Your organisation could be going through a period of change or is in need of turnaround and you need some help plotting a new roadmap to improved efficiency and growth.


Perhaps you need to beef up your current financial team and bring in the right people for the job, with the requisite financial background.


NXFD can advise you on how to restructure and re-task personnel to make your financial function fit for the new phase of your business.


Maybe there are just not enough hours in the day and you need someone to take some of that pressure off, manage the financial side of things so that you can get on with running the business.


NXFD can be your flexible partner here. We offer a project-based approach to problem solving and we tailor our service to the business and the challenges you face.


Financial guidance from us could come in the form of fundraising or mergers and acquisition advice, or project-based consultancy to help manage change or perhaps turn around part of the business.


Or maybe you want to hand over the reins and enjoy life – to look at succession, a trade sale or other ways of getting value from everything you’ve worked for, perhaps even by bringing in a new management team.


We are approachable, accessible, highly experienced across a range of sectors and really passionate about doing good business – and helping you get the best value from yours!

Talk to us!

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